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Restarting Navigator opens the files in two tabs


Hi guys,

I have my program set so that it reloads my files when I come back into Nav. However, it consistently reopens one of the files in two different tabs even though it was only in one when I exited.

p.s. are you guys tired of hearing from me yet??? :slight_smile:


So you opened a file in SQl Nav and closed the application.after you reopened SQL nav, the file was opened in 2 tabs. Is that what happened? I can’t reproduce the problem this way.

If not please provide steps and screenshots.



This is still happening.

If you exit with a file open, when you come back in, it’s open in two tabs.



Hi Jet, I can’t reproduce this problem. The file is always displayed in one tab for me. DO you mind taking a snapshot of the screen after you come back in?


Doesn’t always seem to do it. I’ll try and figure out what sequence of events causes it. I have a file open, exit sql nav, come back in and it’s in two tabs. Not sure you can even do that if you try from the UI!

Try this: Open nav when it will open a file for you (in one tab).
Run a select from that tab.
Then, open a new tab, type in a select.
Exit have, clearing the “save on exit” so that it won’t save either change.
Come back into Nav.
It should have the file open in both tabs now.

One other thing of note, if you add a new tab and put a select statement in it, then try to close Nav, you’ll get the “Save on exit” dialog as expected. If you pick OK, then cancel, it will exit Nav. My expectation would be that canceling would cancel my exit, but it doesn’t.



I followed your steps and couldn’t reproduce the problem. However I found out a way to reproduce it.
First I have to open the file using the Open File menu or the icon on the toolbar.
Then run it
close Nav
reopen and it will display the file in 2 tabs
An error is also displayed in the output window.

This problem will be fixed.

When you click cancel, you cancel the saving file process, not cancel the exit.



Glad you were able to find a way to duplicate it.

I don’t know that I agree that if you cancel a file save that you don’t mean cancel the exit too, but it’s not a huge deal for me.



Hmm… I agree with Jet on this one…
Clicking Cancel from a save prompt, should cancel both the save and the closing of the application.
This to me seems standard behavior.
I’ll take this off-line with the team, and (more than likely) raise an enhancement request.

  • Jaime -