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     I am running into a slight problem of restoring a session.  I have a big select statment that i am trying to tune and it is take very long time(over 8+ hours).  But here is the deal.  As normal we have a 8 hour day work...when i come in i start the optimize thing and at the end of the day it comes to about 70% progress obviously when i go home i cant leave my laptop i have to shut everything down...and have to close quest optimizer...and when i close it gives option to save the work...and it click on "yes" and it creates a file called sessiondata.sts.  The next day when i come back to work...i login to optimizer and click on restore session and give the filename and path picks up the sql...but start all over again....i thought it might start where it left of at 70%, but seems like it there any setting on that or that just a default behaviour(to start optimization all over again instead of where i left and saved my session).  THANKS AGAIN IN ADVANCE

Also another question i had is, when we do get the alernative generated. in the compare senerios section. The original
sql stays in Black color and the Alt ## has black and different color. I understand the color are teh changes made
to the sql. But i normally see Blue and Red color. What exactly do they both mean ?
red color represents what and blue represent what?


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Item 1 – Restoring a Session after cancelling optimization

In Quest SQL Optimizer, the optimization process must complete before you get any results. So if it is stopped when you are at 70%, nothing is saved from the optimization. So when you save a session after you have canceled the optimization, all that will be restored is your original SQL statement.

Here are some links to blogs in Toad World that will help address how long it is taking to optimize this SQL statement and some ideas what you may be able to do to shorten this process. I hope you will find these helpful.

Real Life Examples

How To’s

Item 2 – Color coding in the Compare Window
The differences between the SQL text is highlighted in blue and maroon. The blue indicates areas where the syntax of the SQL statement has been rearranged or modified when compared to the other SQL statement. The maroon is for text that has been added to the SQL statement.