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Result pane table node disappearing in Schema Compare


after you run Sync wizard to synchronize a table and then you don’t sync it, on every subsequent run SC will lose the table node in the result pane.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. compare 2 schemas;
  2. select a table that is missing in the dest schema;
  3. run the sync wizard and choose to save the script instead of running it directly against the destination;
  4. refresh

et voila’ the table node (that should still show a table not in the dest schema) won’t appear anymore in the result pane.

In reality, I don’t see anymore the node for the tables at all, so I don’t know if it’s a detection problem or a display problem.

This happens also if you close and reopen the program.



I’m unable to replicate this one Paolo,

In the steps that you outline…
after step 3, how are you closing the Sync Wizard…
are you clicking the Cancel button?

Can you please send a screen shot of the Result pane, so we can see the state of the Tables node as you mention?



I guess this is linked to the filter menu GUI issue.
I probably played with that menu and I could’t put it back because of that issue. It would explain the disappearing of the tables node.
In fact, I reset the filter, retried the above steps and nothing strange happened.



Thanks for the update Paolo,
Good to hear it’s working okay now!!