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i dont know if this is a request or whether it can already be done. However, one thing that i’ve been trying to do for ages is to rename my Item Names when looking at the results of a test.

That may not make alot of sense, so i’ll describe it as best i can.

For example, i have a test package. In that package, i have a procedure i am testing. And for that procedure i have a test case. In that test case, i have some expected outcomes that i have made. It is these expected outcomes which are my Item names (i.e. it says “Queried scalar matches expected value?”). I am hoping that for the expected otucome level, i can rename it so it reads something like “Queried value for Cars matches expected value of 0?”

Is this possible?

Many thanks!


Sure, you can rename outcomes in two ways:

  1. Right click on the outcome in Test Builder and choose Rename.

  2. Open Test Editor, navigate to the outcome, and change the name in the Properties tab.

Regards, Steven


I’m such a moron!!!

Thanks Steven,



That’s a ridiculous thing to say. Clearly, we do not make it obvious in the Test Builder as to how you can do this.



To be fair, it is incredibly obvious now that i have seen it. There is a big button saying “Rename” which i didn’t even consider would be to rename the outcome. But it makes perfect sense as it’s in the 'Outcomes" part of the test builder!

Either way, thank you for your help!