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Retrieving values of OUT parameters


I am writing a small application to run a test script generated from the Quest Code Tester. I need to know how I would be able to get the values of the OUT parameters after a successful run.


Aren’t the out-parameters in the 2c. Outcome- section of the Test Builder? They should, I just created a procedure like:
procedure test (p_out out varchar2)
p_out := ‘Testing 1 2’;

and the P_OUT parameter is shown there… So, what are you after exactly?
Can you provide the procedure and your expectations?


Also in the latest version of Code Tester (1.6.1), when you run your test, the Results Viewer will show you all of the input and output values of the parameter, whether or not you created an outcome for that OUT argument. Just run your test and you will see the values.



I am basically looking for something like the QU_INPUT table where you can view input parameters.

In your example code, was the OUT parameter value stored somewhere in a QU table?


Why would you go through the tables, when you have this beautiful GUI?

It’s probably stored somewhere… unless there is some magic built into the tool…


I agree with Alex; I am not sure I understand why you need this outside of the UI, but yes the data is stored in the qu_result table, with a result_level value of OUTARG.

That’s probably not quite enough information to find the values, but if you can tell me more about the need to bypass the UI, I can probably come up with a view for you!



… so you’re saying there’s no magic involved… bummer.


It was not my decision to have a separate GUI. I have explained to them that the QCT itself is good enough for the task. Anyway thanks for taking time in answering my question. I believe that there is a big potential for this product to grow as big as TOAD.