Reusing stored aliases using SSPI

How do you resuse a stored alias?

If the Integrated Security=SSPI (SQL2005) is asks for a password. The whole purpose of SSPI is to use the caller security context.

If I leave the field blank I get a password error.

So I constantly need to go back a recreate the alias.

How are you supposed to use the aliases?


What TDM version do you have?
We checked it out in latest v. 3.5.10 and didn’t encounter a problem. When we are asked for the password, we leave the field blank.

Tip: In the RE Wizard, page Connecting you can select the Save Password checkbox. Also, save this created/modified alias on page Save Alias. Then you will not be asked for the password again.

Hope this info helps.


Vladka + TDM Team

Went back and retried creating an alias and then reusing it.

This worked fine as you suggested. I think I was entering the userid (domain\user) and leaving the password field blank.



Great! Thanks for letting us know.

Have a nice day.