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Reverse Engineer MySQL 5.0 database


I am having a problem reverse engineering a MySQL 5.0 database using the Beta I get the message in a pop up dialog:

Source: CS3 - Internal Error
Script: REDataMigratorDBMY50
#4200SELECT command denied to user ‘brosmus’@’…’ for table ‘proc’
Row: 1457
Column: 5

“REDataMigratorDBMY50” from package “Object RE Database for MySQL 5.0”

I am trying to import from one of our test databases in order to evaluate the alter scripts functionality for MySQL. Step one, reverse engineering a database to alter is proving to be a significant issue at this point. ugh! :slight_smile:

Please any insite for this is appreciated.




Hi Bill,

You don’t have permissions (privileges) to read the system table “mysql.proc” via which procedures are loaded.


  1. Either set the permissions to the table.
  2. Or do not select Procedures among OTPs in step What to Reverse. - The message will not occur, however procedures will not be loaded.

If you have more questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team


Thanks Vladka, had the same brainwave this morning. Even better, it worked. :slight_smile: Sorry for the trouble.