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Reverse Engineer - SQL Server 2005 - REDataMigratorDBMS05 error



Newbie here. Have just downloaded and installed

Whilst reverse engineering from a SQL Server 2005 database I got the following error
when selecting all tables.

Source: Microsfot JScript runtime error
Script: REDataMigratorDBMS05
Description: 'ViewComment is undefined
Row: 1432
Column: 7


Anyone with any suggestions?

DBMS Server is XP Professional SP2
Client is XP Pro Version 5.1 SP2


Being my normal impatient self I deselected the view option on the import and it worked fine. I wonder if every view needs a comment?


Hi Mike,

you should not get the error. We will look into the matter. CR# is 38438. I will let you know more information as soon as possible.




Hi Mike,

good news. Our db specialist Mario has just fixed the bug. The next release will work properly.





Just a quick update. The CR # is 38 483 (not 38 438). (Correcting the CR numbers as I know you track the cases in the Release Notes documents.)
As Vaclav wrote, this problem was solved. The fix will be implemented in next TDM3 official release (v. will be published soon) and also in Beta version (also will be released soon).



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