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Reverse Engineering error with Oracle 10i


The initial setup went fine on Vista Ultimate even though I did not see any mention of vista, so I assume this will be supported.

Once installed I wanted to load my current project(s) directly from oracle 10g and received the following error

Access viloation at address 00D6E737 in module TDM.exe. Read of address 0000007C.

So that is as far as I got.

It would be good if you could allow us to upload screen shots, saves the problems with retyping.



we plan to support Vista with TDM version 3.1 - at the latest. But the first BETA version has not been tested this OS properly yet. We need to do some improvements and additional tests before we declaring that TDM3 can be installed on machines with Vista OS. Thanks for understanding it.

To your feedback: how did you try to load your current projects? Via Reverse Engineering - ODBC or ADO?

BTW: you can upload attachments now. All registered users now can attach files to their posts.