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Reverse Engineering with NO Indexes or Referential Integrity in Database



I’m pretty sure Data Modeler can not do this but I need to double check.

My customer has a database where the majority of tables do not have any indexes or Referential Integrity. Can Data Modeler perform a reverse engineering on this type of database or do the tables need to have at least primary key for the reverse engineering to work.



Hi Nadir,

Toad Data Modeler doesn’t require primary keys or indexes for the reverse engineering. Such items are not mandatory. It should work fine. Give it a try, please :slight_smile:




Hi Vaclav,

My customer tried to generate the Reverse Engineering with no luck. Is there any configuration that needs to be setup?

The only modelling that occured was those tables that had indexes?



Hi Nadir,

may I ask for more information from you, please? I’d like to know:

  • TDM3 version (click Help | About and see the File version information)
  • Database system, incl. version
  • Connection method

Ideally, if you can, please send me the SQL code that was used for the database creation.

In general, what you need to configure is:

  • appropriate connection setting
  • options for RE (one of the steps in RE wizard)
  • finally you must also select tables which you wish to load (last step in RE wizard).

Please see the Reverse engineering and HTML report movie at: (you must be logged in to the community to see the item)

Problem might be in insufficient permissions for the tables…



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