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Reverse Engineering Wizard confusion


Perhaps interface work on the wizard is already planned. If so, feel free to ignore this. However, I do find some things confusing about the current wizard.

I could only guess what the Property Data Link button would do before I clicked it. Perhaps it should have a label like ODBC Administrator.

I find a few things about the final step of the wizard a bit confusing. I’d expect the Finish button to result in the wizard being closed and while work is being done with the wizard open, I’d expect progress indication within the wizard, not in a background window. Finally, a Cancel button should close the wizard with no changes and if it’s too late to do that, a Cancel button shouldn’t be visible.

Perhaps reviewing Microsoft guidelines would be useful. For example:



Hello Rodney,

Thanks for your feedback!

Yes, we do plan to change the RE Wizard. We’ve already received some enhancement requests on it, particularly on the Finish and Cancel buttons (CR # 27 734 and 27 735).

Thanks also for the tip on Microsoft guidelines. I’ve already forwarded the links to our developers.

Thanks again and keep your ideas coming!

Have a nice day.