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Right Click Table/Generate SQL/Select Statement/To Editor


If you are going to provide away to right click and generate sql to go to an editor you should have an option to select either “To Editor” like you have now which will create the sql in the highlighted window as well as have one for sending sql to a NEW editor window.

The problem is if you want to send to a new editor window you have to first open a new editor window, leave that highlighted, and then do the right click send to editor. Or you have to right click save to clipboard and then open a new editor window and then paste it.

This is confusing plus I have inserted code into other code when I did not want to.



Hi Matt,

We were changed this behavior only in this release. It was sort of experiment for us and seems people do not like it. Our friend Hank Freeman reported about the same just a week ago, so we will be changing behaviour to generate scripts always in new editor.
It makes most sense.


OK, thanks!