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Hi! One more thing. Job sheduler, when you choose shedule type, for example,daily_purge_shedule, and save, everything is ok. But when you click on the job in the window list, shedule combo sets as non specified. Other thing is when you clone job, shedule section is not copied.

I tested more, and its hard to describe , shortly - it looks like shedule combo is not synchronized with list column. Sometimes when i change schedule to other in shedule combo , value in list of jobs doesn’t change. It must be tested. Check this.

Other thing is that some components on form are not quite docked, when you resize winow, components can cover other components. Watch attachement.

Could you add posibility to create job sheduler create script, like extract ddl. It would help create backup scripts of sheduled jobs, or script to move job to other database …

Regards Piter

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This is attachement to previous post.
I edited previous post and couldn’t add a new attachement. BY the way when you edit post without attachements you can not add new one . Maybe it could be add in community…

Regards Piter (31.5 KB)


Hi Piter,

You’re right, there’s definitely a bug - the schedule combo behavior is broken. I will start looking how to fix it right now.

Speaking of the overlapping controls when resizing, I think there is little we can do. We can try to limit the minimum size of the form, that’s all. For now, the only advice is not to do it.

We have thought of adding the option to generate the script, just weren’t convinced that we should do it. Now we have a good justification. The only problem is we don’t have room for another button, so we need to think.



Hi Roman!
You can use popup menu clicking on the JOB :wink: