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Say, why does SQL Nav round my numbers to one decimal and how do I change this behavior? It’s very curious that that would be the default.

It also does this in 5.5.



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Hi Jet,

To help us identify the problem, could you please send the structure of the table you’re using? (how that variable was declared…) and possibly the steps to reproduce.



So, maybe it wasn’t clear. In the sql editor, if I do

SUM (ldg_amt_je)
FROM vhcl_je_ln

I get 76215.8

If I do

SELECT to_char(SUM (ldg_amt_je),‘999999.99’)
FROM vhcl_je_ln

I get 76215.79

Somehow SQL Nav is rounding numbers when it displays them. The database field is a Number(11,2)

It appears to display properly when I’m not doing a “SUM” or AVG



Uh, OK. so now it seems to be working. I wonder if it was related to my connection issues?



we have similar issue, the reason was, that client was connecting using DISCOVERER Oracle Home. The rounding was done by all oracle clients, conncting via this home.
Check, How sqlplus works with that.
Maybe you have disco Home too.



It wasn’t happening in sql plus because sql plus was using the correct home via the path. Apparently sql Nav is using something from the registry instead.

I think you’re right however, the old client was rounding for some reason.