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Row ? of ???


Ok, this is going to be a little whiney, but I was curious in the old version in the lower left corner of the output window there was a row 1 of 250 (partial) New window does not, at times I might be comparing record 16 to 17 and after using the arrow keys I may forget which is 16. I always looked there to see. New version I have to scroll back to the left to see the row number I am on… if this is not the “popular” opinion I will live with it.


Hi Dale,

Its definitely something that we missed. However, you can indentify the row number by enable the row#. (view > preferences > code editor > sql scripts > show row #). So I think we can live with it for now.



I agree in the editor you have line numbers which is perfect, but in the output window there is no line number, you have a row number, but it does not stay on the screen when scrolling to the right in the results. I just find myself when I am comparing 2 lines that I have to keep scrolling back to the left to see which record was the primary. In the past I would note that line 3 of 250 was the primary so I could always refer back to the primary line without going back and looking at the key field.


It’s a vaid request. We will definitely look into it.