Run an import process from a procedure

I have used the Automation Designer to create an import from an Access database table.

I know I can schedule this to run at certain intervals but I really need to run this import just prior to other actions occuring.

It would be ideal if I could call the import from a Procedure? Is this possible?



You can't call Toad from a procedure in the database, but maybe if you can make your procedure update some value in a table when it is done, then Toad could monitor for that and then perform the import when it sees the update. Try something like this in my screen shot - I think that will do it. So in this case, I would schedule App11. It would start the do...while loop, checking the database every 60 seconds for whatever you set up in the Actionable query, and then when it sees the desired result, the import will happen next. Another option - instead of the while-do loop, could you put a script action in there that would call the procedure in your database? Then you could run the import after that.


Thanks for your reply. I utilized part of your solution to solve my problem.

Thanks again.