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Run Benchmark Factory TPC-C job against Postgresql or EDB Postgres Advanced Server


I’ve been trying to run Benchmark Factory against both the Open Source PostgreSQL and the EDB Postgres Advanced Server via ODBC. On both I get the following error when creating objects for TPC-C:

Started test Create Objects for TPC-C

Delete Tables

Create Tables

Load Tables

ODBC Error (42P07,7) - ERROR: relation “tpc_c_properties” already exists;

Error while executing the query

Any ideas on how to get past this? The tables appear to have all been created.



This has been fixed in the next version of BMF, version 7.6, which will be released in early April of this year. To try it out before the release download the beta version available from Toad World.


Thanks for the info. I downloaded and installed the 7.6 beta version… however I am still having problems. I think I got a little farther this time, however I still cannot have it run a basic test - it stays on the Create Objects phase (even with the scale factor set at 1). The c_customers table now has 2.5 million rows and counting. Going to stop the test again.

I am going to post to the Benchmark Factory Beta forum.