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Run individually a test case or a set of test cases



I have a package which countains about 50 functions. I’m writing about 10 test cases for each functions.

The problem is that the ‘program tested’ for QCTO is my package. So when I want to run one test case, I have to run all the test cases for this package.

Is it possible to forecast the possibility to run only one test case, or at least only one set of test cases for one procedure ?



Currently, you are able to run a subset of your unit tests or test cases within a unit test in one of two ways:

  1. From within the Test Editor, right click on the unit test (program name) or test case, and choose either:

Run unit test
Run test case

And then Code Tester will only run that specific test (or set of test cases for the specified program).

  1. Through a command line script: you can call the backend API directly to run your tests, and when you do this, you can provide inclusion and exclusion lists for both unit tests and test cases. For more information see the topic:

How do I…Selective Execution of Tests


Thanks for this information: I didn’t know it. Great !

Also, it would be nice to be able to have a new button “Run only these test cases” in the Test Builder screen. So you create/modify a test and then just launch this one.


I agree completely. I will add this to the ER list.