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Run TPC-E test phases separately



I’m new to Benchmark Factory.

I’m using running BF (version 7.1) with TPC-E.

TPC-E have two phases - “Create objects” and “Transaction Mix”.

BF user interface allows “run job” which run the two phases sequentially automatically.

I’d like to run these phases separately, e.g., run “Create objects” and when it finishes, manually
start “Transaction Mix”.

Is it possible?



Yes it is possible and I do it all the time. You can just copy and paste the entire job and then just delete the tests/steps that you don’t want.



I tried that - configured “Create objects” step for scaleFactor=10 and deleted the “Transaction Mix” phase, then run this phase and then created “Transaction Mix” separately.

Now, when I run the “Transaction Mix” phase, I get the message:

“The loaded scale factor(10) doesn’t match the specified scale factor (1) for the TPC-E benchmark.”


Make sure that the default scale factor for the TPC-E benchmark, as set in the menu Edit-Settings, to a value of 10. Since the job doesn’t have a Create objects step the TPC-E transactions will use the default scale factor to determine how to randomize the queries.