Running a TAS, getting error 'Maximum number of extended formats exceeded'

Using TOAD for SQL Server

If anyone could help with this!!!

Running a fairly complicated TAS, which runs a series of SQL scripts and pulls the results into related XLS files.

Most of the Script is running ok, up till it gets to one of the final reports and fails with

Timestamp Message
27/08/2013 15:39:33 Maximum number of extended formats exceeded.
27/08/2013 15:39:33 at Quest.Toad.Workflow.Activities.Database.SelectToExcelActivity.Execute(ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)
27/08/2013 15:39:33 Failed

Any help would be useful as I’ve just had this reporting stuff dumped on my lap and no-one here really knows how to use Toad / TAS scripts.



Thank for you report ,

we’ve solved this problems in 6.1 bata of Toad for Sql Server.You can download the newest build.Welcome to give us some advice ,we will focus on these issues,

Thanks again.