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Running Duration

I really like the Duration column in the Messages tab when a query is run. It allows me to quickly see how fast a query is running, and if changes made improve the speed or not. It also allows me to take long-running batch queries, and see which queries might benefit from some optimization.

Some quries, though, take a long time. Updating hundreds of thousands of rows based on a complex formula takes a while, and is not very amenable to optimization. I know what these queries are, and about how long they should take. For instance, in a batch job, I might have a comment that states “This query takes 35+ minutes to complete.” While the duration is nice, because it shows how long each individual step took, it would be nice if I could add a column that allowed me to see the running duration total.

Going back to my 35-minute example above, it might be query nuimber 7 in a batch of 15. While I know it should take 35 minutes, I don’t really know at what time it kicked off. So, I have to manually guestimate how long it took to get to that step, by adding the durations of each prior step. By the time I hit step 15, this is no fun. If I had a column that said step 6 took 3.586 seconds to run, and the overall duration was 14:23.975, then I can look at the total elapsed time, and quickly see about how long the query has left to run. If If the total elapsed time is about 20 minutes, then the 35 minute query has been running for about 6 minutes. This is very useful information for me, since these are queries that have to be run manually.


I would love to see a “Running Duration” column be made available to the Messages tab on the query editors.