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Running Test Suite from Command Line and exporting results into ANT or JUNIT


I am doing some evaluation of PL/SQL Unit Test options and I wondered if it’s possible to run a test suite from the command line and export the results (pass / fails) in a standard unit test output format such as JUNIT or ANT?

I need this as I would like to build this process into our TeamCity nightly build and report any unit test that have failed from within TeamCity.

Thanks for any help.



It is possible to run the Code Tester (CTO) from a command line or from a PL/SQL program, depending on your specific needs.

There are a few documents regarding continuous integration - project building and deploying process. First the detailed Continuous Integration document:

Recently another document suitable for a quick start appeared:

Summing up, there are two kinds of running tests in continuous integration environments:

  1. Command line interface - MS Windows installation is required.

  2. PL/SQL programs from the CTO repository - the Oracle database client software is required.

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