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Safe handle has been closed error - Hangs Toad

Toad V

I was writing a query (connecting to Netezza 7.0 database thorugh ODBC connection), and had entered a semi-colon to start a new query. I entered SELECT (carriage return) FROM and got the error

Can’t close the message. Opened support bundle and filled out for, but clicking OK has no effect.

Note that I installed the beta today, and was prompted to restart, but didn’t. Could be the cause?

Mike Hayes

Is it a reproducible problem? Do you see it after you restarted?



No. It’s not reproduceable. I had that error (twice, I think), then another similar error, then 4 or 5 hangs that requried using task manager to kill. I tried again this morning, and had another hang, but when I tried it again (after I saw your post), I was able to use the software normally.

I’ll keep an eye out for it going forward.

I’m wondering if some of these hangs are modality issues? In at least some cases, I got the message that Toad was waiting for my response even though I couldn’t see a dialog.

Mike Hayes