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Salesforce login fails after installing 5.0 beta.



After installing the beta, I could no longer login to SalesForce. I tried to delete and recreate the connection with no success. This also impacted my 4.3 toad as well. I was slow to report this as I was concerned this was my connection at work or some other changes. I got access to a new PC this week and I started off by installing 4.3. I imported all my connections and I can again logon to Salesforce. I am afraid to install the beta until the next release as I need access to Salesforce daily.

Please, can others verify?

Thank You,

John Burgtorf


What error you get? close Toad, go to Application Data Directory from “About” page, rename the whole TDP folder, like this

C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 4.3 -> C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 4.3_Rename

Open toad shortcut, put /log=all, restart toad and connect to SF again, if still not work, post Toad.log in Application Data Directory to me

7-24-2018 3-53-15 PM.png



how are you connecting to Salesforce? Do you use corporate credentials or manual sign-on? This will need an application token. I can’t remember if these are cached per app. I would try creating a new connection and getting to app token.