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Same tests, different Package Name


Just when I finished up with my code and completed all kinds of tests, “they” decided to change the name of the package.
To make sure that the name-change didn’t have any side effects and to keep the test-definitions up-to-par, I wanted to run all the tests that I defined on this renamed package. To re-enter all my tests, isn’t my idea of fun. There had to be another way…

What I did was the following:

  1. Export the test definitions
  2. Opened up the generated “Qut” file
  3. Search and Replace of the old package name to the new package name
  4. Import the new “Qut” file

Pushed the button and presto, all the tests ran checking the renamed package with all smiley faces.

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Great to hear you were able to get those migrated so easily.

Would you mind sharing with the group what sorts of tests you were able to build with Code Tester and if you found yourself doing better testing or more testing b/c of the tool?

BTW, we’ve got a TON of improvements getting ready to roll out for a beta next Month. I think everyone will be very happy


This was the first time I used QCTO on a “real” development environment. Other times I have used it on my sandbox database. The functionality was pretty straightforward, enter a last name and extract the maiden name from it. Sounds easy enough, but there are some rules to keep in mind. I won’t go into detail here.
My fellow developer was very skeptical about the tool, there seemed to be a kind of resentment towards testing. As I was creating testcases, he tried to come up with every possible situation that would break the code. In essence helping me create a more robust program.
As the code was improved every time a new testcase was added, my fellow developer became enthused about QCTO. Next week we will introduce QCTO to the rest of the team and show them how QCTO helped to build a robust piece of code.

Funny detail: when we introduce this to the rest of the team next week, at night you will be in the Netherlands to do your “Six Simple Steps to Unit Testing Happines” presentation. Meet you there!

Look forward to the next beta release!


How very cool Alex.

BTW, my name is Jeff Smith and I’m the Product Manager for Quest Code Tester. My community handle is ‘QuteROX’. Steven’s I think is the ubiquitous ‘stevenfeuerstein’ :slight_smile:

I’m sure he’ll be happy to meet you in person in the Netherlands !


And I just thought Steven had three different handles, QuteROX; unittestadmin and stevenfeuerstein… sorry about that, I hope you are not offended…

So that means you are not coming to the Netherlands? Bummer… on the other hand it’s getting colder and it’s raining.


No Netherlands for me, unless Steven says he needs help with his luggage.

I’m sure I’ll have my travel schedule for 07 jam packed with presentations for Code Tester :slight_smile: