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san performance

Hi, does anyone know how to query “max i/o wait” value from the backend database?



Hi Ben,

To obtain Max I/O Wait value from Spotlight back-end database (SpotlightStatisticsRepository), you’ll need query against the virtual file statistics data that’s stored in ‘virtualfilestats’ table.

This table contains the following columns: dbandfgname, dbfilename, dbname, disk, filename, iorate, iostallreadms, iostallwritems, iowaitms, iowaitrate, kbondisk, kbread, kbtotal, kbwritten, numberreads, numberwrites, readsrate, readswaitrate, writesrate, writeswaitrate

Our Reporting and Trending Guide includes a section ‘Browse dimension tables and retrieve data’ that outlines how to retrieve data from this table and build a custom query against it. Our guide first walks you through running certain Spotlight API stored procedures in order to obtain the data available in your repository. Once this data is obtained then you can modify and run the query on page 52 of our guide in order to obtain Max I/O Wait of each database in your instance.

You can download the latest PDF version of Spotlight Reporting and Trending Guide from here:

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