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Save query dialog


Click save query results, then set format , for example to HTML, and check Copy to clipboard. Then set format to excell. Save to clipboard is still checked, file dialog is inactive. Saving working propery, only activation/deactivation of file path component not.


Can you elaborate what would you like to improve here?


Ok. When You select Excell file , edit box with save path should be alvays enabled, and check box"copy to clipboard" should be unchecked. Simply, sinchronisation beetwen this two components should be corrected.
Look at attachement:
1.First dialog shows normal state with html type selected.
2.Second dialog shows normal state with “save to clipboard” -checked. Edit box with path is inactive.
3.The I change format on Excell File. “save to clipboard” is checked, but shouldn’t - you can’t save excell to clipboard. In this way edit box with path should be actvie to edit. (dialog 3)

Regards Piter (47.7 KB)


Change request has now been raised for this one… sorry it slipped through the cracks… thanks to Charlie for also bringing it to our attention!!
Thanks for those nicely formatted screen shots Piter