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Scaling Factor


I want to verify my understanding of the Scaling Factor and how it relates to AS3AP and Scalable Hardware.

The documentation states that the scaling factor for AS3AP is 10 and for Scalable Hardware is 1.

This, if I want to run AS3AP with 70 users and Scalable Hardware also with 70 users than when I am defining the Benchmark Scale I would set it to 700 for AS3AP and 70 for Scalable Hardware, correct?

I understand there is harm in setting the Benchmark Scale less than these values as there will not be sufficient data to be returned for all user queries. Is there any harm in setting the Benchmark Scale higher than these values?

Thank You In Advance,


For the AS3AP benchmark you can actually run the tests with a scale factor of 1 if you wish. Changing the size of the scale will change the size of the dataset that the queries will run in, but no the validity of the query. For the Scalable Hardware benchmark scale factor, you are correct; a scale factor of 70 should be used for a user load of 70.



With the AS3AP the scale factor only relates to dataset size, so you can set the scale factor to whatever value that you want your dataset size to be. There is no correlation between the number of virtual users and the AS3AP scale factor.

But for the Scalable Hardware the scale factor not only represent the dataset size, but also the number of virtual users that will return results from their the Scalable Hardware queries. So if you want all 70 of your virtual users returning data from their queries and the dataset size is what you want, then set the scale factor to 70. You can set the dataset larger with no affect on the queries. You can also set the scale factor smaller, say for example 50, but then virtual users 51 through 70 will have their queries execute successfully, but just not return any results.