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Scheduler Job Name?


Is there going to be the ability to add a name to a job? Right now, the only way to identify one job from another is to look at the PL/SQL code.



select * from dba_jobs;

Could you say more about this question?
There is Job_name in the job list and in the wizard. Default name is JOB$_XX but you can name it as you want.

In old jobs (dbms_job) there wasn’t name only way to recognize job was col “What”.

In dbms_scheduler you have job_name col.

select * from dba_scheduler_jobs;

Regards Piter


I’m not seeing it. Attached is what I see in my Job list. There is an auto-generated job #, but no name.
The Wizard (pressing the New button) pops up directly into the PL/SQL edit field. It never asks for a name or anything.

-Charlie (18.7 KB)


Hi Charlie
Thanks for picture. So what version of oracle are you connected? Full using of dbms_scheduler is implemented from 10G version. Prior to them you can use onlyh dbms_job package without jobs names.


That can be my whole problem with a lot of problems I am having with the Scheduler (some of my other message posts). Our DB version is