Scheduling Issues

I am currently running several daily jobs in the scheduler. I have the schedule set at daily with the ‘enabled’ box check in the TASK tab as well as to wake the computor to run the job since some are early in the morning. Most of the jobs run just fine during the week however, for some reason I cannot get them to run on the weekends. Reason behind weekend is for work that was completed on Friday my audiance would like to be able to see results from that day. So M-F work…just am unable to get it to work for Sat and Sun. I am even left my computor on to see if this helps…still does not work. Any suggestions.

I haven’t seen this before. Have you tried using the Weekly option and selecting all days?

Also, what does the status show when you come in on Mondays? Does it show it tried to start teh job on the weekend or just last run on Friday?