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Schema Compare - Automation Produced PDF Report

At the conclusion of a Schema Compare the user can check/uncheck any objects from the compare. When clicking the Generate Script button only the checked objects will be represented inside the script. However, when producing the Detail Report via Automation the checked/unchecked status is not shown. This report has the potential to be a great communication opportunity to send to a larger team the selections that the database user is making in regards to the Schema Compare. However, by showing EVERY object without identifying which are being selected and which are not the report will only cause confusion and concern. Can we add the checked/unchecked state of each item to the reports?

Rudy Wilkinson

Application Development - Senior Developer | Rogue Fitness


Thank you very much for you suggestion. I create TSS-1002 for this. And we will discuss about it.

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For now, we can select compare object like attach. Then the report will contain the object we selected.

Hope this can help you.

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Thanks Kelly,

I wish this was the only issue in regards to using the Schema Compare feature… :frowning:

I was aware of the report option that shows the selected items. Personally, I would prefer the report to show every object and their selected state. The reason being that the developer team being able to view the entire report could help confirm the objects on the list, but also catch objects that were accidentally omitted.

This is not a deal breaker, though. The numerous issues that stem around “Generate Script” should be highest priority.

Hi Rudy,

Thank you for your understanding and the explanation. The automation report is supposed to be generated without user interactions – this means we lose the opportunity
to see the comparison summary and select/deselect any objects. Even if you may create the automation project from a Schema Compare window, the project is still a fresh project and there is no results until you run it. It is sad that we can only get the reports
from an automation project. We consider to add a new feature to create reports from Schema Compare itself. And then we will be able to include the select state of each object in the details report. Do you think this would help you to achieve what you wanted?
Please let us now if you have any other suggestions.




Yes, being able to generate a document which can be distributed digitally or physically that details what is about to be done by the database team would be desirable. When we’re migrating large releases of 50-100 objects it is helpful to be able to share these selections with the development team to ensure no objects were missed or potentially accidentally added.

Again, this is a low-medium priority request. Fixing the bugs where indexes are removed from objects when generating a schema compare script should be #1 priority. I don’t know how folks are using Schema Compare and not impacted by this issue.

Hi Rudy,

We are discussing for adding a checked/unchecked status in schema Comparison report.
Is below status need to be show in report ?

I stay tune for your answer.

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Yes, in some way it would be nice to communicate with a larger team A.) Here are all the differences between the two environments, and B.) Here are the items we targeted to move up. Whether you display that as checkboxes, labels, or different sections in the report I’m comfortable leaving up to you.


Thank you very much. We are working on this. I will keep you update.


What is the status of this?

Ok. I just found this added report. I’m not sure how this effectively accomplishes the problem we were attempting to solve. :confused:

1.) When I uncheck “Identical” or “Ignored” in the properties dialog preceding the generation of the Detail Report I assume this should prevent objects whose condition equals that status?

2.) The Detail Report attempts to put the entire source code of objects into a tiny column which is totally unreadable.

I think what I had in mind was more in line with the Summary Report. Where the objects and just the objects themselves are listed. Also, being able to filter out the Ignored or Identical objects is a great idea as it would just add noise the report. The idea should be here are all the different things identified in the schema compare along with their “Checked” state which indicates if the DBA has received green-light to move them.

If I have some free time I will mock up a report template and post it here.

Turns out you can shift select the Schema Compare results screen and copy the results to a spreadsheet. Actually, this functionality serves most of my needs regarding this request. We can tweak the format a little on the spreadsheet and it serves as a great example of what I was looking for in a document that summarizes what is being done.