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Schema Compare crashes when stopping a running compare process


this is an easy one:
run a compare between 2 schemas, let it go for 1 minute and then cancel it.
The result is an immediate crash without any prompt!



Thanks for this feedback Paolo, it is very useful…

I have this same behavior on one of my test machines (WinXP) but my other two test machines (also WinXP) do not have this problem.

This will be a tricky one to track down, as it happens on so few machines… but we will have keep looking for it!!



One more from me, i had similar issue, schema compare crashed, but only once, when i tried to simulate this issue, everything was worked fine …


Thanks for the feedback Piter,

So far we have only two machines that crash all the time when canceling a compare…

  • Mine and Paolo’s !!
    I thought I was all alone, until Paolo reported the error