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Schema Compare Error Message


I did a schema compare as follows:
Select DB I want to compare. Right-click and select Schema Compare from the pop-up context menu.
Click on the Add button to add in the DB I want to compare it to.
Select the DB and click on the affirmative button.
The DB selector went away, and the error popped up.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Stack Trace:
at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2.FindEntry(TKey key) at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2.TryGetValue(TKey key, TValue& value)
at Quest.Schema.Common.Interfaces.Declarations.Condition1.IsTrue(T[] values) at Quest.Schema.MSSQL.ModelLoad.LoadModel.LoadContext..ctor(SingleModel2 model, OptionsStorage options)
at Quest.Schema.MSSQL.ModelLoad.LoaderContext.GenerateLoadContext(TwoPartDivisor2 loadDivisor, OptionsStorage options) at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.ModelLoader6.Run(ICallBack callback)
at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.ModelLoadManager7.Loader.LoadModel(ICallBack callback) at Quest.Schema.Common.ModelLoad.ModelLoadManager7.CreateInstance(ICallBack callback, SchemaSnapshot[] snapshots, SingleModel`3 model, OptionsStorage options)
at Quest.Schema.MSSQL.ModelLoad.ModelLoadServiceMSSQL.Create(ICallBack callback, SchemaSnapshot[] snapshots, ISingleModel model, OptionsStorage options)
at Quest.Schema.Common.Modules.SourcesLoader.SourcesLoaderModule.LoadModelFromSnapshot(ICallBack callback, SourceLoader source)
at Quest.Schema.Common.Modules.SourcesLoader.SourcesLoaderModule.SourceLoader.Run(ICallBack callback)



Just want to double check with you - are you saying you have opened new schema compare, correct?
As per call stack below it seems like you were working with schema compare before and wanted to modify your servers - however I probably miss something :wink:

or probably you can notice something strange in your naming of the connections?
can you reproduce the issue with the same steps?


I don’t think it was done with another schema compare open, although there might have been a data compare open.

I just opened up TOAD, and reproduced the exact same steps on the exact same DB’s, and did not get the same error. So, I am not currently able to reproduce this error.