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Schema Compare Oops Moment


I did a schema compare yesterday, and inadvertantly damaged a different DB.

In prior versions of TOAD, schema compare would open an editor window pointing to the correct DB, with a USE [DB] statement at the top.

I did a normal schema compare, not a multiple-DB compare. I was/am used to the prior versions helpfulness, and did not notice that the selected DB was the first one alphabetically, and there was no USE [DB] statement at the top of the script. I ran the script, and proceeded to wreak havoc on the wrong DB.

It would be nice if, when doing 1-1 schema compares, the correct DB came up selected, and a USE [DB] statement was placed at the top of the script, like in prior versions.

This is in 6.0.123.


Thanks for the post, it is known issue.
Sorry for this. Should be fixed in this release