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Schema Compare Order of Operations

THis seems very simple to me. Why does schema compare not take into account the proper order of operations when generating the script? I understand that it might be difficult to properly infer the order of tables from the FK’s. However, it is easy to infer the order of operations for different object types. First update or create tables. Then views. Then functions. Then stored procedures. Each item has a dependency on the preceding item.

When I ran the generate script, here is the order of operations it presented me with:

Create views

Create functions

Create tables

I didn’t have any stored procedures, but if I did, they would likely have been created prior to the views. This is what usually happens.

It would be great if the proper order of operations would be followed when generating the script. Then, I won’t have to manually generate each type independently, in the proper order.

Hi J Fischer,

Thanks for your suggestion,we have a TSS -271 for it.

Will fix as soon as possible.