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Schema compare uses 100% CPU when comparing schemas


As per the subject, the Schema Compare program uses 100% CPU when comparing schemas. Is it normal behaviour?



Hi Paolo,

At the start of each compare, Schema Compare will have high CPU usage where it collect schema info of both Source and target…it is expected that the CPU will be hit very hard for a short time…

Do you have any issue or concern with this behaviour. Much appreciated if you can provide feedback on the performance of Schema Compare with a decent schema number of objects you might have in your environments. In particular, if you could assist us validating the accuracy of the compare and sync scripts.

Many thanks for your feedback and working with our team on this .

Best regards,

PS: Roman will get back to you later on the other issues you have identified with the Unified Code Editor.


Further to Bruce’s response…
Although the CPU usage is initially high, it is not a high priority thread… so if other apps on the PC require CPU, then Schema Compare relinquish it.
It will use only available CPU.



Yeah, there’s no way it will use more than 100%!


Available CPU meaning… CPU that is not being used by other applications.



It could be run in lower priority… that setting could be used…

Regards Piter