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Schema Report Excel Formatting


I am not sure if this is an Excel issue, or a TOAD export issue. When I create columns in a table, I always include a description for that column. Then when I create the schema report, I print the Comments (which is the Description - slightly confusing difference in terms, but they are the same thing). Then I have a data dictionary. Which I export to Excel, and do some additional post-work in, for printing to a PDF.

This works great, except… (you knew there had to be an except, right? )

Except for comments that are more than two lines in length. For some reason, the last line is partially cut off - only half of its height is visible. One line comments are fine. Two line commens are fine. But 3+ line comments are not. The last line is half-height.

I can fix this manually, by going through and manually resizing all 3+ multi-line comments. But, this is a pain in the neck and very time-consuming. It also defeats the purpose of being able to rapidly generate a new data dictionary.

I don’t know if this issue is due to Excel not behaving properly, or due to TOAD’s report export not formatting 3+ multi-lines correctly. Whatever the cause is, it’s a dang nuisance!

Is this something that can be fixed from your end?


good question. I reproduced this case on my side and it seems there is nothing we can do here on our side since multiline descriptions looks correct in the Schema Report itself. I mean I do see even 7 lines descriptions for the columns in the report, but you are right - they exported in Excel not accurate. Agree it will
BTW, I also noticed in exports to the PDF just fine. Is there a reason you want to edit the report in the Excel prior to export in PDF?


Yes. I don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro.

I get rid of the TOAD stuff, strip off the DB name, and add in some company stuff, including a cover page. It gives us a data dictionary that is good enough for emailing to clients (maybe not for printing, but that’s a different issue).

If I could create a custom schema report, I wouldn’t need to do the whole Excel thing. I have some other reports that I run that have all of the above items taken care of. I can just do a straight export to PDF for them.


It seems that the only workaround is to create your own Data Report with using any kind of preferenses.