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screen hidden or ??


Hello all,

     I am new to this.  AND REALLY SORRY IF I POSTED THIS IN WRONG SECTION.  I have been using SQL opitimizer for about 2 weeks now.  And today all of sudden one of the window went hidden or have no clue what happen to it.  When i click on Tuning labs and  click on create a tuning lab session.  It ususaly used to take me to a screen where i could put in my SQL to tune.  But today it didnt show up.  What did i do wrong and how can i get that back.  As that where all the magic happens. 

i even uninstall and installed sql optimizer back again…same thing…any help would be appriciated…

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You have posted your question is the right place.

You can restore the default layout for the Tuning Lab windows with these steps:

  1.   Click the **Options** button.
  2.   Select **General | Options**.
  3.   Click the **Restore** button.
  4.   Select **Restore selected layouts**.
  5.   Check **Tuning Lab**.
  6.   Click **Apply**.

To provide some insight in to how and why the window disappeared, review these topics in the online help.

  1.   Click the **Help** button.
  2.   Select **Tuning Lab | Windows | Arrange the Tuning Lab Windows**.
  3.   Select **Tuning Lab | Windows | Window Elements.**

Let me know if these steps take care of the problem for you.



RENE, you have no clue how much thankful i am to you…wow…it worked just like a charm….THANK YOU


Feel free to ask us anytime you have a question. We are here to help.



thanks…you guys made the best tool ever…MAKES DBA’S LIFE SO MUCH BETTER…thank you…i think every tool quest makes is off the charts…love it…THANK YOU AGAIN…