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script, marked part becomes unmarked after execution


Hi there

(This is from Alex)

After marking the part of the script which should be executed, the marked part becomes unmarked after execution.
This makes it necessary to mark this part every time you want to execute the script part again.
The highlighting of the corresponding brackets doesn’t work anymore.
If you are making a new line using the return key, you are not able to use the backspace key.



Thanks, Andre and Alex. I will note this down.


Hi Andre/Alex,

The highlighting of matching brackets does work, although a little different to v5. You need to move the caret past the opening bracket (to the next position) or at the closing one. The pair of matching brackets becomes bold.

What do you mean by ‘not able to use the backspace key’? I can’t reproduce the problem. I inserted a new line and then deleted it using backspace.