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Scripted import and execution of tests


As part of our automated nightly builds, I would like to import the latest QCTO tests from source control and execute them.

Is there a way to import tests through a script, so human interaction is not required?





Now why didn’t I think of that (or of documentating that)?

In fact, you can run your test definition export files OUTSIDE of Code Tester.

You can go into Toad, open the export file, and run the script. It’s “just” a set of PL/SQL blocks.

So…you can in fact integrate imports of test definitions in your own build scripts.

There are some nuances involved when you are using test data groups (notice the radio group at the bottom of the import window?), and we will get that documented for the 1.6 release, but in the meantime, you should be able to achieve your objectives in 1.5.

Regards, Steven