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Scripting Alarms or Alarm Actions

I’d like to be able to script changes to alarms so that I can include the changes in deployment scripts, for example, we have two servers which flip between Production and Preproduction. When the server is in the preproduction role we don’t back up the databases, when it flips to production the backup jobs are enabled, so we only want backup alerts when the server is in the production role and we don’t really want to have to manually reconfigure the alerts. Is there a way to script the changes to the exclusion list or flip the tag from production to preproduction?

Hi Colin,

About your post on backup alarms, you can use Alarm Actions feature of Spotlight in order to suppress unwanted backup alarms from your preproduction server. If your connections are tagged then you can configure your Alarm Action rule as such:


The alarm is = Backup alarms
The connection’s tag is - Preproduction

Suppress the alarm

I hope this has helped.

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