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Scrolling in the data grid scrolls the code


Wrote some code and ran it and I now have data in the data grid. Hover mouse
over code and roll mouse wheel and sql code moves up and down. Now hover the
cursor over the data grid (sql code still has focus) and roll the mouse wheel
and both the data grid and the code move up and down together. Click on the data
grid and move the mouse wheel and only the data grid moves does not matter if it
is over the data grid or the sql code. Click back on the sql code and hover the
mouse over the code and only the code moves but hover over the data grid and
both the code and the data grid move together again.




From what I see this is not something new. The same on previous release. It is
odd but not a critical issue, agree?

CR89592 created for this issue.

Thank you


Alexander Maximov


Huh, I was ever occupied in solving a similar issue on the grid scroll from a UI data grid control. Don’t know the issue of Toad be fixed now or not. Anyway, this is not a big matter.