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Scrolling issues


Ok, I’m not sure if these are considered enhancements or not, but they are annoying changes to 6.0 from 5.5

First, if I run a sql selecting the “data width” display. It returns like you’d expect. Then, when I adjust a column width and then retrieve some more rows, the width pops back to the data width. In 5.5 it changes the selection on the tool bar such that your adjusted column stays the same. I believe you are better off leaving the column width set to what the user spent time adjusting it to.

The other issue is that when you ask to retrieve some more records, it positions you back at the top every time. In 5.5 it would move you to the bottom. I believe the 5.5 behavior is more in line with what you would want/expect.



Hi Jet,

These are valid comments. We are striving to make the grid as good as it can be, and both enhancements will be implemented very soon.



Thanks Roman,

along those lines, if you have the ‘D’ Selected and then you rerun the query, it goes back to N&D even though the button still shows the D selected.



for the first issue that you raised, if you select user defined column width and adjust the width then it will stay the same. In 5.5, if the user adjust the width then it automatically set itself to User defined which is better.


The third one with D and N&D is also valid