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Scrolling weirdness


In the current version, if you scroll to the right to see columns in your query and then you use the arrow, scroll bar or page up key to move up, the grid stays on that column.

In 6.0 it doesn’t do this. I think that’s a problem.



Hi Joe,

After comparing the behaviours of 5.5 and 6, I can see there’s a problem with using the scroll bar. (the highlight of the cell in 5.5 will move up while in 6 it stays the same). Is this what you were talking about?
However, the up arrow and the page up behave the same between these 2 versions.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.




To avoid this problem, you should use either the mouse or the keyboard to scroll the grid, but not both. In 6.0, like in most applications, using mouse doesn’t change the focus. When you use the keyboard, it does - that’s why your grid ‘scrolls back’.

The convenience of this behaviour (a Microsoft standard) is that you can focus a cell, then browse the grid using the mouse, and then return to the original cell.

In the previous versions, we received several complaints that the behaviour of the grid didn’t follow the standards…