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Search does not show the result SQL Nav 7.3 (4005) v32



When I do a search on my History, I often do not see the line SQL Nav has found.

5305.SQL Navigator 7.3.png

I’ve to do a Next and Previous to get this :

8547.SQL Navigator 7.3.png




Hi Martin,

Do you have typed “Enter” when you had inputed the keyword into textbox?

Besides, the number of entries (such as your screenshot: “5267 entries”) mean the total records of history in the current condition.

For the question of “Next and Previous”, maybe the selected sql is too long to display the keywords.

Thanks and Regards.



Hi Alan

Yes I do enter to start the search.

I think I’ve found the problem : the SQL is often hidden behind the other “tabs” (code explorer, outline, …)