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Is there a reason why the “all schemas like:” and “object name” in the search “where” tab are no longer defaulted to upper case. This is not a big deal, I just never had to worry about it in the past. I can’t think of any reason the lower case would be needed there. But I may not see the big picture. I’m not smart enough on this new site to figure out how to upload a file and paste a picture into the text editor does not work, so can not give you a picture at this time.




Hi Dale,

Thank you for your feedback, and no worries about the pictures. Next time if you want to upload any pictures or attach any files please try to use Insert/Edit Media button from the toolbar above the edit window, any problem feel free to let us know, thanks.

About the case issue in code search window, it’s a feature as designed in v7.0. In this new version, we fully support unicode and mixcase now, so it’s designed for supporting user to search both upper and lower case. As it’s case sensitive now, you should input uppercase if the schema and object name are both in uppercase.

Thanks and regards,



Thanks for the help on attachments. I still had troubles. What I found is you have to Click the Use rich formatting to get the tool bar you indicated. As for the case, I suppose there are reasons, there are none for me.


I think when you try to create a new post, the edit mode is always rich which you can insert pictures and files. But for reply it offers both simple input and rich formatting based on different needs.