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Search gives a wrong code line



When I search a particular text and double click on the line it found, the program doesn’t go to the right line. The search indicates a wrong line.

Sample of the first code (triggers in this case) :

4087.SQL Navigator 7.3.png

In 7.2 and 7.3 the result is wrong, in 6.7 the result is correct.




Hi Martin,

Thanks for your feedback, I found that already exist a story(SQLNAV-1902) about it, I will continue to focus on it.

Besides, the long name is right search result, and the short name is needless result, so you can ignore it temporary.




Hi Alan

Now I see that I already had posted this problem on 26/05/2015 !

Like already suggested by another Martin (from Latvia), it would be very nice to have a function where we can find back the discussions we’ve created :…/maybe_a_reasonable_way_to_find_topics_created_by_me




This problem is resolved in beta build 4104.