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Hey Guys,

I think usually when you search for a string, it ends up highlighted. In Nav, it looks like it’s highlighted, but if you press delete, it doesn’t delete what is apparently highlighted.



Hi Joe,

This bug was already logged although I doubt it would be included in 6.2.



Hi Gwen,

I would like to please you to fix this soon (means in 6.2) because this bug affects a very common task and thus will anger almost everyone working with SQLNavi.
I think this should (and can) be avoided.

Best Regards


I agree that is a very common task and that will annoy many users (as is annoying several of us in the forum :slight_smile: ).
I also agree that 6.2 should include fixes for these annoying text edits problems because it’s what SQLNavigator is made for: editing code! And if some normal expected behavior is not working as it should people will be annoyed.
That is why I choose for my team SQLNav over TOAD or SQLDeveloper: productivity (and the formatter). And I think that the main reason other people use it also.
So anything that diminish that factor is bad…



Hi guys,

I had a chat with Roman & Bruce and we decided to queeze this one in 6.2. Another beta build should be released soon.



In the name for all the SQLNavigator users I thank everyone of you