SEARCH tool in Forum generates 'Service Unavailable' ERROR


On two different computers, both running Win XP Pro 32b patched current, and in both IE 7 and Google Chrome 10.0.648, I type a single word in the SEARCH tool in the upper right of the Forum screen, click [ SEARCH ], and always get (for days now):


Service Unavailable

The requested service is unavailable.

Please try again later.

Please advise.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the nofitication! We will try to fix it soon.



Wow, didn’t anyone else report it, especially before I did?



yes, it was reported by poeple from other community sites. Unfortunately there still seems to be some technical difficulties. I have to ask you for patience, our web team has been working on it.

thanks again,


Oh, I wasn’t complaining or being impatient.

I just interpreted your “thank you” as meaning that no one else had reported it. I try to learn about the behavior of groups and how my behavior may differ and therefore be more or less valuable to the group. I would have been very surprised to learn that no one else had reported the problem. Stranger things have happened, like the time I reported a similar problem on a forum with over 100,000 members and no one else ever reported it. I was glad to hear that this was not a similar occurrence, that Quest users/stakeholders have a better sense of community.

Thanks for a great product and great support !


Jim Harris