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Searching objects/Source code - exception


Try to search objects and while searching press “stop current task button” to stop searching.
Access violation at address 60A3CB96 in module ‘oran10.dll’. Read of address 06690B44
occurs, and program becomes unstable.

Searching source code.
When you hit “stop current task button” while searching source code, program hangs, smotimes acces violation error occurs, and session is lost.

Check This
Regards Piter.


Examples (886 KB)


Thanks Piter for sending the video clips. We will be looking into this for you and will try to get the fix to you in a future Beta build.



Sorry Piter
I have been unable to replicate these search errors.
I’ve followed your examples closely.
Bruce was unsuccessful in replicating them too…
…which is why he asked me to try.

If any other users have search problems as reported by Piter, please let us know!!